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Sisters in Guiding

I haven't met you personally, 
But one glance confirms a friend I see; 
For behind the trefoil and the smiles, 
Lies strong ideals linking hearts and minds, 
That banish time and miles. 


You are my sister in Guiding, 
You're a friend I can confide in, 
No matter if you're a diff'rent race, 
Young or old, from some far place, 
As sisters in Guiding we share a secret drive, 
To make this world a better place in which to be alive. 

From around the world we throng, 
Eight million people can't be wrong, 
Guides are found in many lands, 
You're never far from a friendly smile 
And willing, lending hands. 

So we travel on together 
Through the bright and stormy weather, 
Striding forth in work and game, 
We are joined by the Guiding spirit, 
The world is ne'er the same.