's Song Library

A Compendium of Songs from various sources.
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The songs on this page are a compilation of a huge stack of paper, books, and computer files that I've accumulated over the years that I've been in Scouting. I've made no effort to cross-reference the songs and the titles, so some songs appear more than once, but under different titles. Where I have a reference to a Tune that the song is sung to, I've included it, but there are quite a number of songs that I don't recognize or recall the tune to that I've included. I'd appreciate it if you'd let me know of any recognized any song without a 'Tune' reference.

I've tried to maintain the source of the song, but, over the years, I've lost track of where I originally obtained most of the songs from, especially the ones that I have in electronic format.

If you have a song that can be included here, feel free to send it to me.

I believe that these songs are in the public domain. If you know that a song has a copyright on it, please let me know, and it will be removed.

April 15/2002: Launch of the new Songbook.

August 7/2007: Launch of the Songs Database.