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That's Where it All Began

Tune: Davy Crockett

General Baden-Powell was a Scouting man, 
He rounded up some boys for he had a plan 
To Brownsea Island they did go, 
And that was the start, the start of our show. 
That's where it all began!

He taught them to camp and to pioneer, 
To scout in the dark and to have no fear. 
The games that were played and the songs that were sung, 
In the years between, round the world have rung Brownsea, Brownsea
Island, That's where it all began!

He gave them the law and the promise too, 
And the good turn that every Scout must do 
He gave them their motto "Be Prepared" 
That millions of Scouts round the world have shared, 
Brownsea, Brownsea Island, etc...

Our Beavers as well can belong and share,
And show the world that they really care
With hearts of gold and a cheery face
Love and joy for the human race.
Brownsea, Brownsea Island, etc...

The little brothers of the Wolf Cub pack
Down the jungle trails they all must track,
Opening their eyes until that shining day
They 'go up' to the troop in the Scouting way
Brownsea, Brownsea Island, etc...

Venturers and Rovers across the land
Service to all and to lend a hand
Adventure and challenge and honour, too,
Future leaders, we're proud of you.
Brownsea, Brownsea Island, etc....