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The Scouting Day

(Tune: Perfect Day).

When you come to the end of a Scouting day,
And you sit in the camp-fire light,
And the sky has turned from the blue to the grey,
With the shades of the coming night,
Do you think what the end of a Scouting Day
Can mean in a real boy's life,
When the whistle blows and the flag comes down,
And there's peace in the world of strife?

Well, this is the end of a Scouting day,
Near the end of our journey, too,
And the days that are gone cannot be recalled:
What have they ment to you?
For we've shared the same tent and, side by side,
The streets of this old world trod.
In sun and rain we've done our best,
And we're closer grown to God.