Song Database

Today is Monday

(actions in brackets) 

Today is Monday... 
Bread and butter Monday (buttering action with one hand, using
the other hand as toast) 
Everybody's happy (trace a smile on your face), we wish the same
to you! (point at someone in the circle) 

Today is Tuesday... 
String beans Tuesday ("milking cow" action) 
Bread and butter Monday (do Monday actions again) 
Everybody's happy, we wish the same to you! (same as above) 

Repeat, adding on the verses for the other days of the week:

Wednesday - soup (lift a ladle to your mouth) 
Thursday - roast beef (chopping action) 
Friday - fish (hold up invisible fish with one hand, hold nose
with the other) 
Saturday - payday (hand out invisible money) 
Sunday - rest (church) (rest: use hands as pillow; church: hands
folded in prayer)