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Tony Chestnut

Tony Chestnut knows I love you. 
Tony knows. Tony knows. 
Tony Chestnut knows I love you. 
That's what Tony Chestnut knows. 

Tony: touch your toes then touch your knees 
Chestnut: pat your chest then tap your head 
Knows: touch your nose 
I: point to an eye 
Love: hold both hands over heart 
You: point to someone 

Once you have the actions down, start going faster.

Thanks very much to Nancy Parker, Girl Scout troop 569, for this
version of the song! 
It doesn't go to the same tune as the one I know, though...

Tony Chestnut 
Just got back from the front
He shouldered his arms
To face defeat 
Hip hip hooray


Tony: touch toe and knee
Chestnut: touch chest and head
Back: pat back
Front: touch front of shoulder
Shouldered: touch shoulder
Arms: touch forearm
Face: touch face 
Defeat: touch feet
Hip, hip: touch hip with heel of hand twice 
Hooray: hand that touched hip raises in the air