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Wolf Cub Way

(John Brown's Body)

The Old Wolf, Akela, who guided all the Pack, 
He kept them always up to scratch, 
And never let them slack 
They paid attention to him, and what he had to say, 
For that is the Wolf Cub Way.


Going onward through the Jungle 
Fearing nothing in the Jungle, 
Very happy in the Jungle, 
The Cubs go bravely on.

Baloo the wise old Bear taught Mowgli the law, 
He told him many, many things he'd never heard before. 
And so, we to, must listen well, 
Our Cub Law to obey, 
If we live the Wolf Cub Way.

Bagheera the Panther black, a hunter skilled was he, 
He taught Mowgli the many things that hunters have to be 
So we must practise carefully and learn more every day 
If we live the Wolf Cub Way.

If each and every Wolf Cub tries his best to keep the law 
And does his good turn every day and doesn't snarl or jaw 
Nor monkeys round with Banderlog, who idle all the day. 
We'll all live the Wolf Cub Way.