A Boy in a Toy Shop

Have everyone follow your actions as you read this story.

This is the story of a boy whose mother left him in a large store. Apparently, the boy had been left for some time and was bored with his surroundings, so he tapped his foot to show his irritation. TAP YOUR FOOT.

A kindly old gentleman in passing the boy offered him a stick of chewing gum. He unwrapped it and started to chew. CHEW.

He became tired of waiting for his mother and walked into the toy department. As he entered the door, he saw a small lion whose head was nodding up and down. As the boy watched it, he too started to nod. NOD.

Becoming interested in the playroom, the boy picked up a horn and squeezed it with his right hand. OPEN AND CLOSE YOUR RIGHT HAND.

He then picked up a drumstick with his left hand and beat the drum with the stick. BEAT DRUM WITH YOUR LEFT HAND.

Having entirely forgotten his mother by this time, he climbed upon a hobbyhorse and started to rock. ROCK.

When his mother found him, she jolted him to his feet. STAND UP.

But he had had a good time, so he waved to the saleslady WAVE, while his mother tugged at his arm to hurry along.