A Frontier Thanksgiving

SETTLER: "Davey Crockett" (Stand and Salute)
GUN: "Bang! Bang!"
DOG: "Man's Best Friend" (Wag Arm)
TURKEY: "Gobble, Gobble" (Flap Arms)
CABIN: "Shut the Door" (Slam the Door)
FRONTIER: "Way Out West" (Spread Arms)
INDIAN: "Geronimo" (Pull Bow)
THANKSGIVING: "Yum, Yum" (Everyone Pats Tummy)

Early one THANKSGIVING morning, many years ago on the old FRONTIER, a SETTLER stood before his lonely CABIN with his trusty GUN and faithful DOG ready to hunt the TURKEY he needed for dinner, hoping no INDIANS would spoil his feast. Whistling to his DOG, the SETTLER shouldered his GUN and started down the forest trail. Meantime, the INDIAN, also with a DOG, came down the forest trail from the other direction. Just at that moment a fat TURKEY flew between them. Out flew an arrow, off went the GUN, down fell the TURKEY, in bounded the DOGS, up rushed the INDIAN and the SETTLER. "It's mine," said the SETTLER. "Ugh Him mine," said the INDIAN. "Grrrr," snarled the DOGS. The noise of the argument shook the CABIN and awoke the whole FRONTIER. But the TURKEY, which was only stunned, took off unsteadily and flew in the open door of the CABIN where it was promptly captured by the INDIAN and the SETTLER and the DOGS. And thus, THANKSGIVING came to a lonely CABIN on the old FRONTIER.