On the Farm

OLD WOMAN: Laughing
OLD MAN: Grumbling
HORSE, CAT, DOG, COW, HEN, PIG, CHICKS - Making animal sound, run around circle and back to place.
FLIES - Stand, wave arms, and buzz.

On this farm there lived an OLD MAN, with his DOG, and an OLD WOMAN with her CAT.

Now this OLD MAN used to work in the field all day, while the OLD WOMAN did the chores around the house.

In the morning the OLD MAN would walk to the barn followed by his DOG, hitch his HORSE, and off to the field the OLD MAN would go riding his HORSE with his faithful DOG running along behind.

Back at the house the OLD WOMAN with her CAT, always beside her, would go to the HEN house to gather her eggs. The big HEN was sitting on her nest with her THREE CHICKS around her.

Oh! The FLIES in that HEN house were terrific - Wow!

Then the OLD WOMAN would feed her PIG, and there the FLIES were really bad. Now off to the barn to milk her COW. There was only one COW but there were a thousand FLIES around the COW. Poor COW!!

After a hard day, the OLD MAN came home on his HORSE followed by his DOG.

The OLD WOMAN's CAT came out to meet them.

Together the OLD MAN and the DOG and the CAT would make the rounds of the barn to see the COW, the PIG, the HEN and the CHICKS but the FLIES drove them into the house where the OLD WOMAN was waiting with the supper.

In the end, they all fell exhausted.