Our Ghost Story

SNAKE: Everyone hiss
CAT: Meow
TIMID WOMAN: Nervous giggle or screech
OLD WOMAN: Witch cackle
WIND: Everyone moan
WOLF HOWL: Wolf howl
CROW: Caw, caw
BATS: Flit, flit

One very black and WINDY night, as the old coach pulled by two magnificent horses stopped at the deserted and dilapidated way station, a WOLF howled mournfully in the distance. At that moment an OLD WOMAN shuffled out of the darkness and entered the station. She was carrying a black CAT and a long black SNAKE was twined around her arm. "Aha", cried the OLD WOMAN. "I see you are travelling alone" she said to the TIMID YOUNG WOMAN. "Let me tell your fortune, dearie?" The long black SNAKE slithered off to a dark corner, while the CAT leaped up onto the rafters. The TIMID YOUNG WOMAN, searching around, found a lantern and lit it. She could see the eyes of the CAT shining down at her, the long black SNAKE rustled in the straw and on the mantle shelf over the fire place was a large black CROW. At the moment the door was thrown violently open and in rushed the WIND and four large BATS. There stood a tall dark man in a long black raincoat and large droopy hat. He pushed his way between the TIMID YOUNG WOMAN and the OLD WOMAN and pointed a long bony finger at the OLD WOMAN. The four large BATS flew around the head of the TIMID YOUNG WOMAN while the long black SNAKE slithered in the straw, and the CAT arched its back, the CROW flew onto the window sill and the WOLF howled a little closer. Just then a ghostly face appeared at the window. It was the BOOGIE MAN. The tall dark man pulled off his droopy hat and there stood the ghost of the nearby castle. With a screech, the OLD WOMAN fled through the door followed by the long black SNAKE, the black CAT, and the large CROW and the four large BATS. The WOLF howled twice in the distance and the WIND moaned through the station. The TIMID YOUNG WOMAN hurried back to the coach and fainted, and the ghost melted into the darkness in search of the BOOGIE MAN.