A Trip to the Moon

CAPTAIN AUDIO: "The Moon or Bust"
EAGLE: Creeee, Creeee
SATELLITE: Whirl, Whirl
RADIO: Bleeurp, Bleeurp

Everyone was watching as some men came out of the control tower. They were CAPTAIN AUDIO and LIEUTENANT CHEERIO who were headed for their ROCKET SHIP. This was the first time that anyone had tried to reach the moon in a ROCKET SHIP. CAPTAIN AUDIO climbed into the cockpit and strapped himself into his seat. LIEUTENANT CHEERIO climbed into his place next to CAPTAIN AUDIO and checked the RADIO. It was filled with static. CAPTAIN AUDIO fired the rockets to make the ROCKET SHIP leave the ground and head for the moon.

As they reached outer space, they heard a strange noise on the hull of the ROCKET SHIP. It was a lonely EAGLE, hanging on for the ride. LIEUTENANT CHEERIO snapped on the RADIO to tell the people on earth about the EAGLE, but all he got was static. Further on, the ROCKET SHIP passed a SHOOTING STAR and a SATELLITE that was whirling in its orbit. As they circled the SATELLITE, CAPTAIN AUDIO and LIEUTENANT CHEERIO waved, while the EAGLE climbed onto the SHOOTING STAR that was headed in the same direction. He was tired of riding on the smooth side of the ROCKET SHIP. The pilot tried to tell earth, but his RADIO still sent nothing but static.

Soon they could see the surface of the moon very clearly. LIEUTENANT CHEERIO warned CAPEAIN AUDIO to steer clear of the SATELLITE ahead, but to their surprise it turned out to be the EAGLE riding his SHOOTING STAR. They got closer and closer to the moon. Slowly they let the ROCKET SHIP down for a landing. When it touched, out climbed CAPTAIN AUDIO and LIEUTENANT CHEERIO. Next to them landed the EAGLE on his SHOOTING STAR that they had mistaken for a SATELLITE. A strange creature approached them and they realized it was the "Man in the Moon." As CAPTAIN AUDIO reached out to shake hands with the creature, it said "Sorry, but we are not made of green cheese, we are made of static." At this point, the creature slowly sank out of sight.