Holding a Successful Beaveree

Meeting #4


The fourth and last meeting is normally held 3-4 weeks prior to the Beaveree. This meeting is when each of the Colonies pick up their Registration Kits.

Topics covered at this meeting are:

  • picking up the Registration Kits and ensuring that each Colony understands the content and what is expected of them:

  • for setting up their location
  • registering their attendees at the Administration area
  • location of the 1st Aid facilities picking up refreshments
  • entry instructions onto the site procedures to be followed in the event of a rain out and the rain date
  • obtaining extra Crests
  • registering additional boys
  • site clean up
  • role of the Security staff
  • parking and pick-up instructions
  • Preparing for the Meeting:

  • remind each Colony of the date, time, and place; and, what to bring to the meeting (i.e.; Preliminary Information sheet on activities, attendees, etc.);
  • ensure all Colonies have registered or have made arrangements for late registration;
  • Beaveree Co-Ordinators have met to prepare the Registration Kits

    Starting the Meeting

  • have each colony pick up their Registration Kit and ensure that they have sufficient Crests and other material;
  • provide information on rain-outs;
  • provide information on how many boys will be visiting each Colony location to ensure that they have sufficient crafts for each boy;
  • any other information, as requested.