Holding a Successful Beaveree

Registration Kit


1. What to bring, what not to bring, and general instructions for Leaders and Parent Helpers.
  • instructions for smokers
  • ALCOHOL policy
  • Attendee list
  • wearing of Uniforms
  • name tags for boys
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • early arrival (leaders) for set up

  • 2. How to get started and how to carry on.
  • checking in at the Adminstration Area
  • picking up 'HOME SITE,ROTATION' schedules
  • what to do next
  • lunch and 'HOME SITE' activity
  • how rotations are done

  • 3. Site map and instructions on how to get to the Camp.

    4. Entry permits to the Camp area (to be used by drivers coming onto the site)

    Please make additional copies of this kit for all your leaders; and, make copies of the pages needed by your parent helpers (Site Map, Entry Permit, etc.).