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Leaf Zone 1

North East Avalon Region
  • Beothuk District
          1st Virginia Park
          1st St. Joseph's
          1st Vanier
          1st MacDonald Drive
          1st Pius X
          6th St. John's
          1st St. Andrew's
          1st MacPherson
          1st Mary Queen of Peace
          1st Larkhall
  • Caribou District
          1st Cowan Heights
          1st Beaconsfield
          4th St. Patrick's
          3rd St. John's
          1st St. Matthew's
          1st Beaver Pond
          1st Hazelwood
  • Marconi District
          1st St. Francis
          1st Torbay Scouts
          2nd Pouch Cove
          1st Portugal Cove
          1st Roncalli
          1st St Phillip's
  • Mic Mac District
          1st Topsail
  •       1st CBS
  • Viking District
          1st Goulds
          1st Morris/MPH
          1st MQW/St. Peter's
          1st Newtown
          1st Paradise
Ferryland/St. Mary's Region
  • 1st Salmonier

Leaf Zone 2

Trinity - Conception Region
  • Bartlett District
          1st Coley's Point/2nd Bay Roberts
          1st All Hallows,North River
          1st Holy Redeemer,Spaniard's Bay
          1st Immaculate Conception, Colliers
  • Easton District
          1st St. Paul's
          1st St. Pat's
          1st Carbonear Interfaith
          2nd Carbonear
          1st Victoria
  • Baccalieu District
          1st Tricon
  • Cable District
Trinity - Placentia Region
  • Bond District
          SUF #84 Dildo-New Harbour
          2nd Norman's Cove
  • Le Manche District
          1st Arnold's Cove
  • D'Iberville District
          1st Dunville
Bonavista - Trinity Region
  • Cormack District
          3rd Clarenville
          1st Southwest Arm
          2nd Musgravetown
  • Cabot District
          1st SA Bonavista
          1st Christ Church
          1st Port Union
Burin - Penninsula Region
  • Seafarer District
          1st Creston
          2nd Burin
          1st Marystown Kinette
          2nd St. Lawrence
          2nd Winterland
  • Grand Bank / Fortune District
          1st Grand Bank
          2nd SA Grand Bank
          1st Fortune
          3rd Fortune Lions
Leaf Zone 3

Gander-Bonavista-North Region
  • Gander District
          1st United
          1st St. Martin's
          1st Glen Apple
  • District B
          2nd Musgrave Harbour
          1st New Wes Valley
  • Fogo Island District
          1st Fogo Hr. Lions
  • Novista District
          1st SA Gambo
          3rd Gambo
          1st Alexander Bay
          1st Indian Bay
          1st Eastport
Notre-Dame Region
  • Lewisporte District
          2nd Norris Arm - not operating
          5th Lewisporte
          3rd Campbellton
          1st Change Islands
          2nd Comfort Cove
  • Twillingate District
          1st Twillingate Interfaith
          1st Boyd's Cove
Bay D'Espoir/Fortune Bay Region
  •       2nd Harbour Brenton
          1st St. Alban's
          1st St. Savior's / Hermitage
          1st SA Seal Cove
Central Newfoundland Region
  • Botwood District
          1st Point Leamington
          5th Botwood
  • Exploits Valley District
          4th Bishop's Falls
          4th Grand Falls
          5th Grand Falls
Baie-Verte/Green Bay Region
  •       2nd Triton
          George Huxter Memorial
          2nd Beothuk Trail
Leaf Zone 4

Humber Region
  • Bay of Islands District
          1st Corner Brook
          3rd SA Corner Brook
          6th Corner Brook
          10th All Saints
          14th Corner Brook
          32nd Oakland / St.Michael's
          1st Curling Lions
          1st Holy Trinity
          1st Humber Arm
  • Humber Valley District
          1st SA Deer Lake (now 6th Deer Lake)
          5th Deer Lake
          6th Deer Lake
          1st Cormack
          1st Pasadena Lions
Bay St.George Region
  •       2nd Stephenville
          2nd Stephenville Crossing
          2nd Three Rivers
          1st Lourdes
Southwest Newfoundland Region
  •       1st Channel / 2nd Grand Bay
          2nd Rose Blanche
          4th Isle aux Morts
          2nd Burnt Islands
South Coast Region
  •       1st Ramea
          2nd Ramea
Northern Penninsula Region
  •       1st St. Anthony Lions
          Straits Scouting
          4th Genevieve
          1st Sop's Arm
          2nd Hampden
          2nd United Towns
          1st Gros Morne
Leaf Zone 5

Labrador Region
  •       1st Carol Lake
          1st Wabush
          1st Churchill Falls
          1st Happy Valley
          1st Nain
          1st Red Bay
          3rd Forteau


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