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CHORUS: Eddie-Gutch-A-Gatch-A-Gamma-Tosa-Nerra-Tosa-Nokka-Samma-Camma-Wacky-Brown. Who?
Fell into a well, fell into a well, fell into the deep dark well.

1. Susie Jones, milking in the barn,
Saw him fall,
Ran inside to tell her ma that:

2. Susie’s ma, making carcklin’ bread
Called old Joe
Told him just what Susie sait that"

3. Then old Joe, tossed his plow aside,
Grabbed his cane
Hobbled into town to cry that:

4. To the well, everybody came,
What a shame,
It took so long to say his name that:

Eddie-Gutch-A-Gatch-A-Gamma-Tosa-Nerra-Tosa-Nokka-Samma-Camma-Wacky-Brown. Who?

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