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The Skit Library B

A Compendium of Skits from various sources.

Balloon Orchestra

The players in the orchestra each hold a balloon. They blow up their balloons in unison, then let out the air in a squeak at a time to the rhythm of some easily recognized rhythm such as "Blue Danube" or "Jingle Bells". To end the skit all fill their balloons with air and let go at the directors signal.

Big Game Hunting

Two to four hunters talking together each says that he is packing a heavier and more powerful gun to shoot with. The first starts out with a small handgun and the last ending up with a very powerful rifle, shotgun, whatever. Two others come over who have overheard the hunter and want to settle a bet. Are the hunters going after wolves or moose. One of the hunters relies," "Why no, we are going after mosquitoes!!"

Black Bart

There are several Black Bart skits, all revolving around the basic plot of the hero chasing Black Bart. The hero and BB come face to face. BB is cornered, building up the tension. Destroy it with the anticlimactic line of: "You get the ping pong ball and I'll get the paddles and I'll meet you in five minutes." Or "Oh, all right, Black Bart, you use that one and I'll use the one upstairs." Use the latter one when BB is trapped in some room.


A leader begins to explain how to lay a campfire. The leader decides to use members of the audience to represent different pieces of wood. The bonfire builders bring up various volunteers. Some of the volunteers are bunched in the center for tinder with others placed for kindling with the "big" logs stacked on top of each other in increasing larger sizes. The leader then says that the fire is ready to light, strikes a match, whereupon, several accomplices yell out that its ON FIRE and dash several buckets of water on the fire.


Recruit three or four volunteers and blindfold each one. Have the voluntees stand in front of the audience and instruct them to take off anything they have on. The smart ones will remove their blindfold, but those caught up in the joke will continue to remove items. Continue with those remaining one item at a time, until it borders on indecency. Then remove the blindfold and let them in on the joke.

Bell Ringer Part 1

The minister advertises for a bell ringer for his church. There is knock on the door. A man with no arms has come to apply for the position. The minister reluctantly points out his disability, but the applicant assures him he can do the job. They climb the stairs to the bell tower (run around and around the campfire talking about how far up it is). Once in the belfry, the man gets a running start and strikes the bell with his face. (make sound of bell ringing). The minister is surprised, but pleased the man can do the job. The minister gives him the job, and that it is time to ring the noon bell to ring. The applicant again gets a running start, but this time trips, misses the bell and falls from the tower to his death. (ham it up). (minister runs down from the tower, a crowd gathers and a policeman arrives.) The policeman begins to question the minister. He asks him if he knows the man's name. The minister replies: "I don't know his name, but his face sure rings a bell".

Bell Ringer Part 2

(This skit is performed after part 1. Either immediately or with another skit in between.) The minister is walking around talking to himself about how will he ever get a new bell ringer, when he is surprised by a knock on the door. He is surprised to see another man without arms applying for the job. It turns out he is the twin brother of the first applicant. Go through the skit same as the first. This time when the policeman asked if he knows the man's name, the minister replies: "No but he is a dead ringer for the last guy."

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