Membership Article Index

The following is a series of articles on membership, produced by Scouter Douglas Moore of Nova Scotia. He has kindly given permission for these articles to be reproduced here at They cover alomost every aspect of membership, from recruitment to retention, and everything in between. All of these articles have been made available in a printer-friendly format.

Read on, and enjoy!

   1.  What Are You Doing to Build Membership???
   2.  Assess Your Group
   3.  Communication
   4.  Doing More For Our Youth
   5.  Effective Leaderhip in Membership Activities
   6.  Forum For Membership Development
   7.  Does Your Group Reflect Your Community?
   8.  Keeping Our Youth
   9.  The Opinions of Kids Count
  10. It's Not Your Last Good Idea
  11. How To Write A Marketing Plan
  12. Put Members First
  13. Membership Mission
  14. Make The Most Of Your Time
  15. Forming An Effective Partnership
  16. A Planning Guide to Membership Growth Development
  17. Provide A Product
  18. Recruitment Hints
  19. Retention Efforts
  20. Ideas to Revitalize Your Group
  21. How do I rate as a Scouter
  22. Seven Laws of Membership Satisfaction
  23. Membership Strategy One
  24. Membership Strategy Two
  25. A Recipe for Success
  26. Tips for Involving Youth in Scouting
  27. Targeting Your Membership
  28. Membership Committee Terms of Reference
  29. Membership Development and Retention

Reproduced for by permission of Scouter Douglas Moore - Nova Scotia