Craft Ideas For Beavers

Here's a number of craft ideas either that have been tried over the years, or have seen done, or collected from training courses. Where possible, the source of the craft has been included. (These files were originally posted on the Jim Speirs website.)

Some of these crafts may be either too complicated for younger Beavers, or too simple for older Beavers, so they are just listed as 'ideas', and you can adapt them for use in your own Colony.

Acorn Notepad
Baloo the Bear
Bat Erasers
Beaver Note Clip
Candy Cane Reindeer
Christmas Tree Ornament
Clothespin Black Cat
Clothespin Rabbit
Clothespin Rabbit Holder
Cotton Ball Snowman
Dog Biscuit Reindeer
Egg Carton Caterpillar
Egg Carton Flowers
Film Cannister Ornaments
Fuzzy the Spider
Ghost Magnet
Hanging Snake
Hole-Punch Note Cards
Kleenex Ghost
Mitten Rack
Paper Plate Brontosaurus
Photo Display/Collage
Photo Statue
Rabbit Bank
Silver Bells
Soaring Glider
Standing Reindeer
Steogsaurus Storage Box
Sting Can Telephone
Sun Catcher
Sweet Smelling Heart
Sweetheart Basket
Trinket Jar
Tuna Can Bunny
Valentine Holder