The Skit Library O

A Compendium of Skits from various sources.

Offensive Bus Passenger

Players are pretending that they are riding a bus. There is a bus driver and several passengers. Every time the bus stops, the passengers holds their nose, coughs, etc. looking at a specific passenger as they get off the bus. The bus driver complains to the offensive passenger that he is driving everyone off his bus. The passenger says that it isn't his fault. The driver accuses him of a peculiar smell and asks if he has taken a bath, washed his shirt, socks, feet, etc. The passenger claims that he has. Irritated the passenger pulls a pair of dirty, smelly, socks out of his back pocket, as proof.


A guru with a turban on his head comes out and sits down in the middle of the stage. Members of the audience are solicited to take part in the session. They are told to repeat the magic phrase after the guru. When ever this phrase brings enlightenment, they may return to the their seat in the audience. All sit cross-legged on the guru repeating the guru's actions and words. The guru moves his arms and chants "Oh ... Wa ... Ta ... Goo ... Siam ..." All chant with him. Keep it up for a long while. Eventually everyone catches onto the fact that they are really saying, "Oh, what a goose I am."

Old Movie Scene

Run through a short movie scene. Use jerky motions, flashlight flicker, etc. Just as the scene is about to end, the narrator says, "Oh no! Something's wrong; it's going backwards!" Then run through the whole scene backwards. Keep the scene short to only a minute or two.


Have a huge wag of chewing gum (or homemade modeling clay), green and black, lying on a plate in the middle of a table on the stage. First boy walks in, looks at the table and comments on how gross the bug is. Other boys come in one at a time commenting on how terrible the bug looks, that someone needs to step on it, not sure if it's dead etc. The last boy comes in asking if anyone has seen his gum, sees the gum on the plate and tells the other boys never mind picks up the gum and pretends to put it in his mouth and walks away. The the other boys comment on how disgusting and sickening that was.


The set-up is similar to the baseball skit with a horizontal poncho screen, except this time it's backlight with a Coleman lantern about ten feet behind it, so everything in front of the lantern and behind the poncho is silhouletted.
The "patient" is brought in and made to lie down behind the poncho. He is then opened with a bow saw (with suitable kicks of his feet) and objects (mess kits, canteens, etc) are "removed" from "inside" his body. All of this actually happens behind the patient (closer to the lamp), but the screen makes it look one dimensional.
For a finale, the patients head can be removed with an axe and he can get up and walk around the front of the screen with an oversized shirt buttoned above his head.

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