Holding a Successful Beaveree

Although this document has been around for a number of years, it contains quite a bit of information presented in a methodical order on how to put on a Beaveree.

Adapt it as necessary for your local situation.

Setting up a Beaveree
Getting Started
Planning Activities
Meeting #1 (Initial Planning)
Meeting #1 (Follow-up)
Meeting #2 (Sizing the Event)
Meeting #2 (Follow-up)
Meeting #3 (Registration)
Meeting #3 (Follow-up)
Meeting #4 (Picking up the kits)
Meeting #4 (Follow-up)
The Beaveree (The Event)
Reviewing the Event

Appendix - Responsibility Descriptions

Site Selection and booking
Crest Design, Purchase and Distribution
Security and 1st Aid
Location Set-up
Beaveree Advisor

How to do a rotation schedule
Developing an Activity Schedule